Take care & have a Happy Easter!

At Easter Eve the Swedes paint their eggs before eating them

The Swedes eat about 64 million eggs during the Easter week. What traditions do you usually have when Covid 19 is not active?

We wish you and your family a Great Easter break and to stay healthy! – BB4 Communication

What´s the connection between chocolate and Christopher Columbus?


In today’s global world, it is easy to forget that we have always traveled and received inspiration for new products and working methods from other cultures and countries.

Did you know that Christopher Columbus in 1502 became the first European to ever taste chocolate! (Source: 501 Things You Should Have Learned About History) Läs mer

Why William Shakespeare was a great Content Writer

William Shakespear text

Fact of the Week:

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) used about 29,000 words in his plays, of which 10,000 had never been used in a written work before.

Today, the written content is of great importance again to make difference and to get noticed on the social medias.



Did you know this about Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison inventor

Many inventions come from a pure chance.  One such example is from the American inventor Thomas Edison, most known as the founder of the light bulb and the phonograph . In 1875 Thomas Edison happened to discover the photocopying, when he used paraffin to try to improve the telegraph wire.

However,  Chester Carlson is officially the inventor of the photocopying and he applied for the patent for the process in 1938.